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Housekeeper Service

The Housekeeper service is responsible for keeping Reflex healthy. Housekeeper routinely runs tasks to sweep away stale information from the system or make time based changes to objects in the database.


Flag Agents

  • By default, a poller Agent will be flagged as Unhealthy for Events Silent if it has reported no events in 30 minutes. This can be modified by changing the value of the REFLEX_AGENT_HEALTH_INPUT_TTL variable.

  • Agents are checked every 5 minutes by default to determine the Agent's health status. This can be modified by changing the value of the REFLEX_AGENT_HEALTH_INPUT_INTERVAL variable.

Delete/Prune Old Agents

  • Housekeeper can delete Agents that have not checked in to the system based on the value set in the environment variable REFLEX_AGENT_PRUNE_LIFETIME. By default, this value is set to any Agents that have not had a heartbeat in 5 days.

  • Agent pruning happens every 15 minutes by default and can be changed in the REFLEX_AGENT_PRUNE_INTERVAL variable.

Lock Old Users


This feature is still in development

Flag Password Change


This feature is still in development

Environment Variables

  • REFLEX_HOUSEKEEPER_DISABLED - boolean variable that determines if Housekeeper is disabled
    • Default value: False
  • REFLEX_HOUSEKEEPER_LOG_LEVEL - debug log levels for Housekeeper to use during log examination (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL)
    • Default value: ERROR
  • REFLEX_AGENT_PRUNE_INTERVAL - time in minutes before Housekeeper will prune Agents
    • Default value: 15 minutes
  • REFLEX_AGENT_PRUNE_LIFETIME - time in days an Agent can be inactive before Housekeeper deletes it from the system
    • Default value: 5 days
  • REFLEX_AGENT_HEALTH_INPUT_INTERVAL - time in minutes that an Agent's health status is checked
    • Default value: 5 minutes
  • REFLEX_AGENT_HEALTH_INPUT_TTL - time in minutes before an Agent is flagged as Events Silent
    • Default value: 30 minutes

A complete list of all ReflexSOAR environment variables and their purpose can be found here: Environment Variables