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Reflex Agents are responsible for digesting the data produced by Inputs (see Inputs if you have not yet configured these). Agents will poll your Input for the necessary data before processing it into a format the Reflex API understands.

There are several roles that will allow Agents to perform a variety of different functions (see Agent Roles for these roles and their functions).

Creating Agents

To create new Agents in Reflex, the following procedures can be used:

  1. Navigate to the Agents page
  2. Click New Agent
  3. Copy the Agent Pairing Token command
  4. Run the command

Creating Agent Groups

Agent Groups allow you to group Agents into collections that plugins can use to specifically target certain Inputs. With Agent Groups, each time a new Agent needs to be created, simply assign them to the appropriate Agent Group and they will inherit the necessary requirements for the specified organization. To create a new Agent Group, the following steps can be used:

  1. Navigate to the Agents page
  2. Click Agent Groups
  3. Click New Agent Group
  4. Select the desired organization
  5. Give the group a relevent name
  6. (Optional) Provide a brief description of the group
  7. Select the inputs to be used by Agents in the group
  8. (Optional) Select Agent policies if necessary
  9. Click Create

Agent Health Checks

The Housekeeper service will periodically run health checks against Agents to ensure they are functioning properly. If, for example, a poller Agent has reported no events in x amount of time (which is 30 minutes by default), Housekeeper will flag the Agent as Unhealthy due to Events Silent. This could indicate an issue with the Agent itself or could be due to a general lack of alerts.

Housekeeper can also prune/delete Agents that have been inactive for the defined amount of time in the REFLEX_AGENT_PRUNE_LIFETIME variable. By default, this is set to 7 days after the last heartbeat was detected.

More information about the Housekeeper service and how to modify the default settings can be found here: Housekeeper Service.