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Version 2022.06.00

Below are the bugs, features, and enhancements included in ReflexSOAR version 2022.06.00.


  • Fix for reflex-api#207 - Pattern based intel lists were not matching Events on ingest or when running as part of an Event Rule criteria. Pattern matching logic was missing entirely after a previous re-architecting of the Event Rule/Event Processing pipeline.
  • Fix for reflex-api#206 - Adding an observable to a list from an Event Card would not work when the target Event/Observable were a sub-tenant
  • Fix for reflex-api#198 - Unable to delete a User Role from the UI
  • Fix for reflex-api#199 - When the default admin user is left off the Organization creation wizard, organization creation fails
  • Fix for reflex-api#163 - Agent connections using the elasticsearch distribution on inputs were failing to establish connections to due to changes in how Elasticsearch handles connection creation
  • Fix for reflex-api#196 - The Audit Logs would not displayed correctly in the System > Settings > Audit Logs tab due to an issue with the ip_approved route decorator
  • Fix for reflex-api#194 - When deleting a user their e-mail was preserved and could not be re-used when making a new user. When a user is deleted now the soft-deleted user will have their email set to None



  • The Reflex Agent now shows a user agent with reflexsoar-agent/[version_number]