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The Credentials Manager is a central location to store secrets allowing ReflexSOAR and all it's components to authenticate to other systems.

Creating New Credentials

To create new Credentials, the following steps can be used:

  1. Navigate to the Credentials page
  2. Click New Credential
  3. Select the appropriate Organization
  4. Provide a name for the Credential
  5. Create a username and secret
  6. Add a description for the purpose of the Credential
  7. Click Create


Use a Strong Master Password

It is up to the installer of ReflexSOAR to set a strong Master Password for password encryption. It also your responsibility to prevent unauthorized access to instance/application.conf

ReflexSOAR uses PBKDF2 with 100,000 iterations to encrypt each secret in the database. The secret key is stored in reflex-api instance/application.conf file using the MASTER_PASSWORD parameter.

Password Decryption

Decryption Potential

It is recommended to monitor the activity of the users with decrypt_credential permissions and to tightly control who has this permission.

Secrets/Passwords are decryptable via the API using for any user that has the decrypt_credential permission. By default all ReflexSOAR agents have this permission in order to function.