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How-To Change the UI Certificate

By default, when ReflexSOAR is executed within a container, a self-signed certificate is generated during the image build process. However, certain users may prefer to replace this self-signed certificate with their own, CA-signed certificate, following best practices.

Changing the UI Certificate (Docker)

Using Docker-Compose

In your docker compose file, add the following lines:

  - /path/to/your/cert.crt:/opt/reflex/ssl/server.crt
  - /path/to/your/cert.key:/opt/reflex/ssl/server.key

Using Docker Run

If running your reflex-ui container using docker run, add the following volume parameters:

-v /path/to/your/cert.crt:/opt/reflex/ssl/server.crt -v /path/to/your/cert.key:/opt/reflex/ssl/server.key